Plaza vacía
Izidor Erazem Grafenauer

Sunday, July 17th, 2022, at 20:30
Atrij ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana

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Guitar: Izidor Erazem Grafenauer
Saxophone: Ivan Bonačić
Percussion: Petra Vidmar
Percussion: Žiga Šercer

Dance: Urška Centa

Music: Izidor Erazem Grafenauer
Choreography: Urška Centa
Photography: Zala Čuden, Darja Štravs Tisu
Video: Jan Hajšen
Production: Zavod NEST

Plaza Vacía is a collection of exceptional musical works by Izidor Erazem Grafenauer. The program is set in a distinctly narrative manner; the compositions tell the story about the author’s everyday experience during the corona epidemic and invite the listener to draw for himself the images of world from which he took inspiration.

The compositions are characterized by a new perspective on life while experiencing the unknown, which can be noted in the musical reflection on the composition. The composition is based on the musical heritage of important flamenco creators, but combines elements of jazz, modern music and classical music as well. Izidor Erazem Grafenauer established a completely unique musical signature, which is also reflected by an unusual set of instruments for flamenco. In addition to the guitar, the sound image is created by the vibraphone, frame drum, darabuka, a wide range of other percussion instruments, as well as the saxophone and flute. The band consists of artists from different creative worlds – jazz, ethno and classical music, who create a unique expressive language through the exploration of their differences and similarities. Especially for this concert, Grafenauer will be accompanied by Petra Vidmar, soloist in the RTV orchestra on vibraphone and percussion, percussionist Žiga Šercer, who works with the most prominent musicians of the Slovenian ethno scene, Croatian saxophonist Ivan Bonačić, who has just released his second original album “Dream Aviary”, and versatile stage creator and dancer Urška Centa.

Izidor Erazem Grafenauer graduated from the Academy of Music, the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice and the Academy of Music in Zagreb. As a soloist and chamber musician on guitar and lutes, he is a winner to many domestic and international awards, and his artistic work spans the performance of the ancient music on authentic instruments, to modern classical music as well as jazz and flamenco. He works as a freelancer, and teaches lute and chamber music at the Academy of Music. In 2018, he released his first solo CD with compositions for baroque lute entitled Preludio, and in 2019 his second CD was released, this time with works by Slovenian composers for solo guitar and guitar in chamber

The cycle Noches de Tablao are supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana and Riko.

Plaza vacía