Conscious Release Method with Agostina D’Alessandro

Monday, August 26 – Friday, August 30, 2024
10:00 – 17:00

Dear dancers from Slovenia and around the world! Platform NEST is pleased to announce the third visit of the renowned artist, educator, and choreographer Agostina D’Alessandro, who will be sharing her innovative dance method, Conscious Release, in a five-day workshop. If you are interested in areas such as body mechanics, the physicality of movement, philosophy, dance theory, and its metaphysical approach, don’t hesitate to reserve your spot in the workshop. Together with international participants, we will dive into the process of unlocking the full potential of dance creativity, where form appears solely to serve the uniqueness of the moment’s expression.

The Conscious Release method aims to enhance dancers’ perception of their bodies by exploring the awareness of their own psychophysical states and capabilities. By becoming aware of internal spaces and releasing accumulated tension, it allows for a departure from established movement patterns and forms resulting from excessive conscious control of the body in motion, thus opening up new fields of creativity for the dancer. When establishing movement, we will focus on the principles of free fall and ballistics. We will learn about different qualities of touch and how to effectively transmit and receive information about the direction and quality of movement. Using the technique, we will create instant group miniatures, as it offers effective ways to achieve a moment where the body becomes an unlimited tool of imagination.

This year, the workshops will take place at BastArt Studio and will conclude with a public presentation of the research process. The group will open their five-day creative cohabitation to the audience on the final day of the workshop, Friday, August 30.

Agostina D’Alessandro (ARG/BE) is a contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer. In 2005 she established herself in Brussels where she started working as a performer with T.R.A.S.H Company (Holland) in the following productions: Pork-In-Loop and Zofia, performing in Holland, Belgium, Spain and France until 2011. In 2009 she joined Julyen Hamilton Company- Allen’s Line, performing the pieces Mud Like Gold (2017), Sand and Vision (Brussels-2016), Local Talk (Paris/Bruxelles and Strasbourg- Imprevu Festival – 2013), Le Voyage (Paris and Bruxelles – 2010) and The Arrival (Brussels -2009). She also participated in several projects and studied with several companies and teachers. Since 2011 she is part of the creative team of Improvisation and Composition at the Royal Dance Conservatory of Antwerp, where she creates the following performances: Reload in Motion and Zôgraphos (2013), Suggested Emotions and Virtus (2014), Synchronicity, Evoked Potential and Abstract Entity (2015), Mine Is Yours and Flexible Identity (2016), Insight And There (2017), Unblocked and Look Beyond Me (2018) and Malleable Reality (2019), Fascinum (2021). In 2019 she created Unfinished at Sozo, Visions in Motion, Germany. In 2020 she premiered Formless Mirror (she who reveals) coproduced by Senghor, Marni and Expansive Being Asbl and presented in Brussels Dance Festival and D Festival – Marni Theater in 2022. She’s currently working in her new production: The nature of intimacy that will premiere in France in 2023. in 2018 Agostina received a research grant from Federation Wallonie Bruxelles for the development and research of the method Conscious Release© and she has taught workshops in Belgium, Mexico, France, Bulgaria, Holland, Argentina, Croatia, Portugal, Italy and Spain.

BastArt Studio, Ob železnici 14, Ljubljana → Location on map

“Early bird” discount (registrations until July 8, 2024): 230
“Late bird” (registrations after July 8, 2024): 260

You can submit your registration via the online form → REGISTER NOW!* We will send you an invoice for the workshop fee, which will secure your spot in the selected workshop.

* The workshop is intended for professional and semi-professional artists in the performing arts with experience in improvisation. A CV demonstrating activity in the mentioned field must be submitted with the application.

Spots are limited to 25 participants.

[email protected]
+386 30 343 049

Conscious Release Method z Agostino D’Alessandro

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