Introduction of the NEST Platform

NEST Platform is the point of intersection between artists from various poetics and common outlooks.

In the broadest terms, NEST admits the union of various creative methods, genres and cultural profiles and supports the diversity of authorial content. It encourages an intercultural exchange of represented artists and their cohabitation in a variety of expressive spaces with the intent of boosting the spirit of freedom and the artistic mission that stems from it. It offers support to young and rising artists as well as leading creators and strives to ensure the proper conditions for their development. The platform operates with an emphasis on expanding the spectrum of knowledge of those who take part in its activities as well as enriching the experiences, visions and professional capacities of the younger generations of artists.

It constantly questions its role in relation to the audience and hopes to attract a wider array of spectators to the field of its chosen cultural activity, as well as spread into new creative areas with the goal of enriching cultural life. Its aim is the staging of local art abroad.

The platform devises a two-part programme based on:
• The production in the field of performance and musical arts and the organisation of cultural events, and
• The education in the field of culture and art.

Additionally, NEST fulfills its mission by collaborating with public and private institutes, non-governmental organisations, rank organisations, legal persons of civil law and self-employed creators working in the field of culture.

The founders of the NEST Platform, which has operated as a private institute since October 2020, are stage performers, choreographers and educators in the field of movement: Kristýna Šajtošová, Anja Möderndorfer, Sara Janašković and Urška Centa.

NEST, zavod za kulturo, multi-žanrsko umetniško uprizarjanje, produkcijo in razvoj
Prečna ulica 6, 1000 Ljubljana – SI

Urška Centa, artistic leader: [email protected] / 031 722 060 Anja Möderndorfer, director: [email protected] / 040 453 249
Romana Möderndorfer, sponsorship coordinator: [email protected] / 041 797 069