Research cycles

Research cycles is an educational cycle that brings together artists from different disciplinary, genre and cultural fields of work. It takes the form of art workshops that take as their starting point the body and its diverse channels of expression. It aims to share practical and theoretical knowledge about different branches of the
performing arts and to bring together different generations. It offers young and emerging artists the space, time and mentoring to explore and develop their skills and their unique artistic language through a diverse range of themes.

In 2021, the workshops were held in cooperation with the Španski borci theatre and KC Janez Trdina, and in 2022 in cooperation with the Ljubljana Dance Theater. In 2023, the workshops of renowned foreign and domestic pedagogues will be held in Cankarjev dom, Stara mestna elektrarna and others.

2023: Summer flamenco intensives with Urška Centa

2023: Poetic body with Milan Tomášik

2023: Conscious Release Method with Agostina D’Alessandro

2023: Šlager with Katja Legin

2022: Conscious Release Method with Agostina D’Alessandro

2021: Flamenco with Alejandro Granados

2021: FusionARS with Žigan Krajnčan

2021: Šoukal – Šajtošová – Janašković:
Limitless expression

2021: Contemporary flamenco with Marco de Ana