Workshops of flamenco with Daniel Caballero

Thursday, December 28th
17:30 – 19:00
19:00 – 20:30

Daniel Caballero is a young dance talent and a profoundly holistic dancer characterized by strength and definition of movement, creativity, as well as an exceptional sense of rhythm. He gained his knowledge in the halls of the Amor de Dios academy in Madrid under the guidance of Professor Alfonso Losa, who today serves as his model for his own professional path. Daniel performs on stages of all major tablaos such as Café Berlin, Casa Patas, Teatro Flamenco Madrid, El Cardamomo, Torres Bermejas, Las Tablas, and others, collaborating with renowned artists such as Montse Cortés, Jerónimo Maya, Belén López, and Andrés Barrios. In Slovenia, he will debut with the Andrés Barrios Trio, which will conclude this year’s cycle of Noches de Tablao at the Cankarjev Dom Club the day after the workshop.


Intermediate level
The workshop will be structured as a masterclass of rhythm – the fundamental element of flamenco dance, through which it establishes pulse, energy charge, and connection with the musical aspect of movement. The purpose of the workshop is to understand the various components of rhythm, including meter, tempo, accents, syncopations, and its other characteristics, to learn its even perception and accuracy, to train the sense of responsiveness to it, and to develop an ear for the sound of the surroundings. We will learn “patad” or dance rhythmic compositions, remates, clapping, and practice with each other. The workshop is intended for dancers with some experience who wish to better understand the rhythmic characteristics of dance through musical practice and to train in techniques of bodily percussion sound.


Basic level
The workshop will focus on the musicality of movement. The content will be directed towards training the dance interpretation of the “bulerías” style, mastering the exchange of energy in marking and remates, and strengthening the clarity of our intention without falling into the danger of exaggeration. Through learning choreographic sequences, we will learn techniques of weight transfer and different types of marking, play with them, and develop our own expressive language. Prior knowledge of flamenco is not necessary for participation, but dance experience is welcomed. In addition to dancers, all performers eager to learn the movement language of flamenco and its connection to rhythm are welcome at the workshops.

Intermediate level: 17:30 – 19:00
Basic level: 19:00 – 20:30

Kreatorij DIC
Poljanska cesta 26, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

You can register via email at [email protected]. We will send you an invoice for the registration fee, securing your spot in the chosen workshop. Spaces in each workshop are limited to 12 participants.

Registration until December 20th, 2023:

One workshop (1,5h): €27
Two workshops (3h): €50

Registration after December 20th, 2023:

One workshop (1,5h): €37
Two workshops (3h): €70

All past participants of the Research Cycles workshop series receive a 15% discount on registration.

Daniel Caballero

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