On the verge of the invisible
Jure Pukl & Urška Centa

Saturday, October 8th 2022, at 20:00
Club, Cankarjev dom

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Authors and performers: Urška Centa, Jure Pukl
Light design: Kristina Kokalj
Costumes: Slavka Pajk
Photography: Aljoša Videtič
Production: Zavod NEST

Jure Pukl and Urška Centa are embarking on their synergetic creative partnership with a project that blends electronic and acoustic music with dance and its sound. Together they dive into the depths of the sonority, discovering the relationship between movement and sound in space. They are exceeding their own creative medium by finding new combinations and contexts of their stage coexistence, which results in the creation of concert performance that generates a series of sensations, forms and atmospheres that are tactile and genuine while remaining mysterious and invisible.

On the verge of the invisible are sounds and images at the intersection of time and space and exciting sensory impressions connecting two creators from two different worlds, each staring from their distant balcony towards the common solitude. Their memories, their experiences, thoughts and desires merge into each other in order to tell each other something beautiful, essential and liberating. Together with them, the creators are building a space in which, in these turbulent times, it is still possible to listen to the silence and spend some time searching for a fellow human being in one’s own reflection.

The project highlights innovations in understanding artistic action, the different relationships between structured form and improvisation, the thoughtful relationships with the space and audience and new methods of performance production.

»On the verge of the invisible is a reflective artistic work that combines the elements of existentialism, which is why it is sometimes also on the edge of the unspeakable and enables a pluralism of interpretations by top artists. Work is based not only on talent, but also on effort, diligence, concept and perfectionism.«
Milena Mileva Blažić, Slovenian literary historian, university teacher and politician

»The dance-music duet of Urška Centa and Jure Pukl creates just the right amount of connection and at the same time distance between two visual-sensual worlds, so that the spectator can enter them completley and merge into his or her own fantasy world. The visible images of the dancer and the musician acquire the contours of sensual visibility and at the same time merge with the landscape of inner worlds, which are irradiated with an exciting light that acts as a “force of transition.” Definitely a journey worth immersing yourself in…«
Andreja Kopač, dramaturg

The series Noches de Tablao is supported by the City of Ljubljana, Riko, Slovenia traffic safety agency and Mercator.

Pukl & Centa